So Sorry

The official web page of progressive alt. rock band So Sorry.

EP Stuff

Everything's been tracked for a few weeks now. We're waiting on the final mixes and masters. We're incredibly excited! The lyrics are already under the lyrics tab. This shit's going to be so ca$h, bruh. It's going to be "Bohemian Rhapsody" times "Requiem in D Minor" plus "Master of Puppets." We'll be revealing the EP artwork soon! Stay tuned, Apologists!


3/7/15 - So Sorry Enters the Studio!

Greetings, Apologists. For this first post it seemed fitting to mention that we've just had our first ever studio session. We've begun work in a recording studio at The Hartt School in Hartford, CT with recording engineer Matt Baltrucki. The release will be a five song EP entitled "Tolerate or Die." We are more excited than you would believe.