So Sorry

The official web page of progressive alt. rock band So Sorry.

     So Sorry is the collective ambition of three young men. The mission itself is simple, but the means of accomplishing it are not: create a deeply affecting musical experience and impact the greater social consciousness. A shared outsider mentality and zeal for social activism compel the trio to constantly strive for greater honesty, more explosive performances, greater musical complexity; always moving forward, but never pulling the roots.

                                                                                 IN THEIR OWN WORDS

Connor Dotay - My life's been split in two. There was my life when my father was alive and there's my life now. Yes, that's nauseatingly melodramatic, but it's true. I was twelve years old and coping with great loss when the music of Nirvana gave me a faith in music as a conduit between every person's inner truth. It was just hearing one song for the first time that turned me from deciding when to kill myself to devoting my whole life to writing that one song for someone else. So Sorry is my dream come to fruition. This is the band that's giving my songs voice for the first time. This is part three for me.

Chris Otero - My musical life has been rather confusing and always changing because of too many factors to count but it was initially inspired by being a massive fan of Drake and Josh in elementary school and wanting to play guitar like Drake Bell. Later in middle school I got my first lessons and wanted to play metal forever, and it slowly changed to prog as I got into high school and was introduced to really good music like Coheed & Cambria. By the end of high school I picked up bass and joined a band up at ECSU my freshman year for fun. I never expected the bass to feel like home, and I never expected me to love something as much as I love it. I joined So Sorry after begging the guys for months and I’ve never felt more inspired and fulfilled musically in my life playing with these guys. There’s nothing I’d rather do than be the low end of this group. 

Kyle Austin - I discovered my love for music when I was Nine years old, when I started flamming away at my first snare drum. Throughout my childhood I was obsessed with different bands (mostly metal), and always dreamed of playing alongside other talented musicians. I met a very charismatic drum teacher that exposed me to more styles of drumming. Most of my formal training was focused on jazz, learning to read music, and supporting the other band members. Throughout high school I played with school-based and local orchestras, as well as a few bands with guys my age. At the end of high school I joined up with Connor and formed what would be later known as So Sorry.  My heart and soul have been gradually poured into this band, and I'm ready to walk to the ends of the earth with my brothers.